Statements of Professional Standing Renewed

Renewed for another year!

We would like to announce that the Statements of Professional Standing for both our financial advisers at Bennett Wealth Planning have been successfully renewed for another year!

This has been renewed by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) for 2022-2023.

Here is Simon Peter Bennett’s SPS Certificate – registered and approved by the FCA – Ref: SPB01218

Here is Barry W P Bennett’s SPS Certificate – registered and approved by the FCA – Ref: BXB00043

Why is this Significant?

“The FCA requires that all retail investment advisers now hold a Statement of Professional Standing (SPS).

An SPS can only be issued by an FCA appointed accredited body, such as the CII, and confirms that an adviser:

  • Has adhered to a code of ethical standards
  • Holds the required qualifications for the activities they undertake
  • Has completed appropriate CPD and complied with the COCON Code of Conduct Sourcebook over the last 12 months.”

More info here: https://www.fca.org.uk/firms/professional-standards-advisers 

Advisers must meet the qualifications requirements to be able to give retail investment advice, so it is vital that you check that your current financial adviser has a valid SPS.

Bennett Wealth Planning will always ensure that you are dealing with qualified and professional individuals.