We seek positive bespoke, cost effective, simple and efficient outcomes for our clients which are aligned with our clients’ money and objectives – we help make our clients’ money work harder for them adding value to their quality of life.

Our purpose is to provide independent, personalised, client friendly advice from the whole of the market to optimise better outcomes.



• We listen and place our clients at the centre of the purpose and first of all we do
• We care and place our purpose in helping clients first before our own profit 
• We seek serious and discerning long-term investors as our target market
• Our target market is seeking help and ongoing advice both pre and post retirement
• We achieve positive and sustainable outcomes by optimising our client’s resources

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Our holistic approach aims to align your money with your goals and priorities. Our consistent, professional, trusted, quality approach as ‘Team Bennett’ is helping our clients make their dreams and expectations become a reality.

Our ethos of putting our clients first, treated to feel like that they are members of our family and are the centre of all we do. We care!

Keeping YOU in control of the decisions and giving you sustainable, flexible optimal solutions.

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  • We are an Intergenerational Family Business and well placed to serve you. We combine experience and expertise with an energy for time saving advances in technology to give personalised face to face advice supported by quality organisations and individuals.
  • We integrate financial planning and “in house” wealth (investment) management to add ongoing value at outset.
  • We are Independent, bespoke, efficient and highly qualified: Barry Bennett is Chartered and a Fellow in both Wealth Management and Financial Planning. Simon Bennett is a Chartered Wealth Manager. 
  • We deliver our bespoke advice based around a “face to face” ongoing client relationship.
  • All our personalised plans are bespoke, aligned to meet our client’s objectives.
  • We are a consistent, cost-effective, advisory, independent, one-stop-shop
  • We compound the Added Value over time we bring at each stage of our 6 Step Process to enhance performance and allow your money to work harder for your benefit.
  • It is in our DNA to keep costs low.