In order to perform our service we gather information about your knowledge, experience of investments, financial situation and investment objectives. We listen, think, then offer cost effective, diversified and risk tailored solutions to meet realistic expectations. In doing this we aim to simplify, clarify and add value while expanding the client’s knowledge. We know that every single client is different and thus we provide bespoke financial solutions to meet each of our client’s needs.


Generally we buy quality and hold for the long term. We believe in minimum trading frequency, minimum expenses and taxes. Notwithstanding this timing can still be important and we monitor market trends. We aim with our portfolio design to protect clients against the impact of low interest rates, increasing interest rates and retirement inflation. We posses an extensive research capability and use powerful software like Morningstar, Bloomberg and other numerous outlets negotiated via Bennett Wealth Planning.

bwp investment philosophy

Our Philosophy drives the relative merits and rationale behind each decision made or discounted to provide a consistent approach and to keep us current. We blend the following approach of our global, total return, equity risk premium style, integrating the top down & bottom up investment advice with bespoke financial planning to add value at the 6 Steps to optimise client long term outcomes.


We act with integrity, honesty and respect your confidentiality. We work with fellow professionals to enhance client service where appropriate. We will monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and report regularly face to face. Our service is best suited to target clients with more than £100,000 to invest. Bennett Wealth Planning invest in the best of breed funds from across the whole of the market at institutional rates. We offer regular reviews, online investor client access, and regular client reporting. We research and construct our own “buy lists” to reflect our conservative investment strategy.


We invest in combinations of diverse assets to fundamentally include Large Cap FTSE 100 equities, quality mutual funds, ETFs, individual investment grade corporate bonds and gilts. International/global exposure is largely through collectives like mutual funds, ETFs and Large Cap equities. Additionally, we seek to maximise tax efficiency through the use of ISAs, SIPPs, Estate Planning (inheritance tax planning), Trusts, Offshore and Onshore Capital Investment Bonds where appropriate, and make use of Capital Gains Tax allowance, reassignment and regular review.

Disclaimer: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax, Trusts and Estate Planning.