Happy New Fiscal Year | April 2022

BWP Office

May we wish you a Happy New Fiscal Year 2022/23 from the Team here at Bennett Wealth Planning!

The extraordinary events of the last couple of years have shown us more than ever the importance of understanding what you are invested in and why.

There is no doubt that significant economic challenges lie ahead with the effects of the pandemic. Examples include Ukraine, climate change, inflation and other unforeseen events and their consequences. However, with these challenges come great opportunities.

At BWP our bespoke style of investing which we do “in house”, independently from across the whole of the market. In quality, diversified, tax efficient, regulated products aims to take advantage of these opportunities to achieve positive outcomes for you, while achieving a positive wider impact. Together, as a society, we already have the intellect, purpose and the technology either in place or being developed that when correctly applied can overcome all these challenges and thrive.

At a personal level of financial planning, the combination of the fixing of personal allowances until 2026 with high levels of inflation tells us that there is now more of a reason than ever to seek our professional advice. We offer bespoke, independent advice and expertise via review meetings either face-to-face or by Zoom meetings. We know we can continue to add significant long term value to your plans, enhance them, and keep your plans on track  aligned with your long-term objectives.

optimised outcomes

Please do consider contacting us to arrange a meeting to talk through any plans you may have.

We are able to help in making your money work harder for your benefit as well as:

  • Adding to your ISAs early in the fiscal year 2022/23.
  • Reviewing switching on sustainable levels of tax free income to help fund your lifestyle.
  • If appropriate, adding to your pensions early in the new fiscal year.
  • Checking the impact of property price increases on your potential future inheritance tax liability if this applies with the fixing of the relevant allowances.

As always, we welcome any feedback or questions you may have.

Contact us via team@bennettwealthplanning.com or 01822 855060 if you have any questions or would like to arrange a video conference initial meeting without obligation.

Best Regards,

Barry, Karen, Simon, Natasha & Henry